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Jess and Dawn love to chat about animal vs human behaviour. Dawn is to humans what Jess is to dogs – they both love to learn and are open to anything that gets the best results for owners and dogs alike. Every time they get together they end up going down a rabbit hole of discussion, and so decided to share their conversations with you.

The podcast is a series of episodes recorded as Jess and Dawn sit in Starbucks, discussing all sorts of things!

Grab a drink, take a seat, and enjoy listening in to them as they chat.

Therapy Tails 92 – Bear or Man? We're all screwed up (and that's OK)

Dawn Walton, a human therapist, and Jess Probst, a dog behaviourist, sit in Dawn's car and discuss the latest social media trend where you have to decided if you'd rather be alone in a forest with a bear, or a man. Dawn was surprised when most people choose bear. What would you choose? Dawn talks about the theme that clients have where their expectations stop them actually seeing progress – expectation is the killer of progress. And they go on to discuss how this also affects dog owners and the trainers that work with them. This is also the episode where they talk about their exciting new mentorship programme for dog trainers that will be running in 6 month blocks. This episode is recorded in Dawn's car so will include the random noises you'd expect of a public setting! — Send in a voice message:
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  5. Therapy Tails 88 – Narcissists & Circles
  6. Therapy Tails 87 – Two Gurus
  7. Therapy Tails 86 – Imposter Syndrome
  8. Therapy Tails 85 – What is an anchor?
  9. Therapy Tails 84 – Dissociation
  10. Therapy Tails 83 – Did someone question Jess??

Jess Probst, B.Sc. CFBA, Expert Witness for Dog behavioural issues