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Jess and Dawn love to chat about animal vs human behaviour. Dawn is to humans what Jess is to dogs – they both love to learn and are open to anything that gets the best results for owners and dogs alike. Every time they get together they end up going down a rabbit hole of discussion, and so decided to share their conversations with you.

The podcast is a series of episodes recorded as Jess and Dawn sit in Starbucks, discussing all sorts of things!

Grab a drink, take a seat, and enjoy listening in to them as they chat.

Therapy Tails 80 – Does Jess have mental health issues? We're all screwed up (and that's OK)

Dawn Walton, a human therapist, and Jess Probst, a dog behaviourist compare their definitions of what mental health issues actually means, after Jess asked Dawn if she has any mental health issues and Dawn said yes! The talk about the term "to provoke" and how there is an underlying level of stress and then situational / provoked stress on top of that (Is the cup full of water or the bucket half full of blood – you decide!) And of course there is the normal meandering through different topics! (please note this episode is recorded in a restaurant so may have more background noise than a usual podcast) — Send in a voice message:
  1. Therapy Tails 80 – Does Jess have mental health issues?
  2. Therapy Tails 79 – you can't time travel
  3. Therapy Tails 78 – Spiders and Snowglobes
  4. Therapy Tails 77 – Ban the couch
  5. Therapy Tails 76 – Nagging vs Nurturing
  6. Therapy Tails 75 – Do you have a need for control?
  7. Therapy Tails 74 – Your dog is not a robot
  8. Therapy Tails 73 – Addiction is not always bad
  9. Therapy Tails 72 – Redefining Failure
  10. Therapy Tails 71 – Which island would you pick?

Jess Probst, B.Sc. CFBA, Expert Witness for Dog behavioural issues