One of the fundamental needs we have as humans is that of connection. A dog provides unconditional acceptance and the purest form of connection.

Dawn walton

It takes something special to be a therapy dog. It requires training and socialisation almost from the moment they are born. They need to be able to cope with screaming children, being grabbed, loud noises and un-stimulating conditions, all without showing any aggression or agitated behaviour.

Jess has puppies from when they are born and socialises them very quickly. From 2 weeks old they attend the Educational walks in a pram. This gives them the chance to experience different vibrations, temperatures, people and other dogs. As they get older they get to play outside of the pram for short spells, and also get cuddled by people attending the walk. How can you be stressed when cuddling a puppy?

These are not just dogs that are great company and good for your mental health. They are specially trained dogs that go into schools, care homes and even a young offenders institute.

When you feel connected to a person (or animal) for long enough (at least 20 seconds), your brain releases Oxytocin. This is the connection drug. It swells up your blood vessels, reducing your blood pressure, and can even scrub out your arteries.

Jess Probst, B.Sc. CFBA, Expert Witness for Dog behavioural issues