You and your dog deserve the best information

Jess Probst

Choosing to invest in your dog handling skills will improve the quality of the time you spent with your dog. Trusting in his behaviour means you can focus on your relationship instead of day to day training

Early Interventions

We are often asked if it’s “too early to train my pup?”
Our answer will always be “it’s never to early”

Jess probst

Your puppy is being trained whether you mean to or not, it’s brain is a sponge that is constantly learning and forming habits – even when you are not aware you are teaching them!

One of our skilled trainers can guide you through beginner puppy stages, an hour long session covers stages they go through as they grow up, bite inhibition, appropriate play, quality down time and social etiquette. When to ignore and when to redirect, and when NEVER to!

Dog Training post 6 months old

Now starting the prepubescent stage we have finished myelination and set the foundation. Make sure you have invested in your dog so that the teenage stage goes smoothly.

Theory & Practical topics

  • Recall with distractions
  • Loose lead walking
  • Auto sits in company
  • Place duration
  • Emergency Recall & Stops
  • Proprioception exercises
  • Tricks & routines
  • Obstacle courses
  • Livestock social skills

Sometimes it is too late for training and it’s time to correct your dog’s behaviour issues

Common Behavioural Issues

  • Barking
  • Chasing / Predatory
  • Fear / avoidance e.g. fireworks
  • Mounting / Excessive urination
  • Jumping up / mouthing / nipping
  • Hyperactivity and OCD
  • Guarding objects e.g bone
  • Separation issues
  • Territorial issues
  • Destructive behaviours such as chewing, house soiling etc. 

Behaviour Referrals for long term issues

Your insurance policy may help you financially by covering behaviour help as well as health conditions.

You can find a Vet referral form on the CFBA – Canine and Feline Behaviour Association website and find out more

Jess Probst, B.Sc. CFBA, Expert Witness for Dog behavioural issues