~ Happy Tails ~

"Acquiring a dog, may be the only time a person gets to choose a relative"

Hi Jess,

I thought you'd be pleased to know that young Toffee has been collecting admiring looks and lots of compliments for his road-crossing skills in Beauly!

I had him sitting at the kerb the other day, when a man came up full of enthusiasm for such a handsome, well-behaved border terrier....

All going well - second obedience class tomorrow, had a train trip last week (v exciting but soon settled down) as well as a visit to Inverness city centre, where he walked about as though he owned the place - so cool, Toffee dog!

Exhausted but delighted - I'd better get back to that work. Thanks for everything. You're a star - keep up the good work. Will pass on the hugs.

Terry x

Hi Jess,Sorry we've not been in touch for a while just to let you know Blues doing great and its mainly down to your advice and training we received. You are so dedicated to your work and have a wonderful personality, very easy to talk to.

Stewart & Margaret

Just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the help you have given us with our dog Kiazer. So many people have commented 
on how much calmer he is instead of a highly strung anxious dog around other dogs he is  calm and obediant of course still
the odd day but we are still working on this.

He is now so confident he even allows strangers to come and clap him which we never ever thought we would see.

We will not stop singing your praises and think the work you do is amazing thank you very much xx

Just a note of thanks for the wonderful job you have done with Izzy, as you know we came to you a few months ago stressed
and a bit distraught thinking there was no hope of calming our stressed out, snarling, but deep inside a loveable 7 month
old Border Collie pup. You worked your magic and with continious weekly training at your classes and putting your tips
and training into practice, my family have seen a huge difference in her, her confidence is growing all the time, she is
so lovable, happy and confident now!

Thanks again
Lynn Steve

Just a short message to say thank you for your help with my border collie ELVIS! All the hard work 
(and I mean hard work!) has paid off and he is brilliant off the lead now and collar free.
I even have him doing obedience and tricks at the park, other dog walkers think he is a proper
sheep dog with the way I can control him!

Thanks again, wouldn't have been possible without you.

Martin and Elvis

Ashley, Cameron and Prince are all relieved you have came into their lives -
it means we will all get the best experience of each other - whilst making the right decisions for Prince.
Your visit was priceless - but we know it is only the beginning of the process. Thank you for giving me the
confidence I need to take charge!

Best wishes,

Ashley, Cam and Prince.

Case Study: Beau

We are pensioners who have had five rescue dogs over a forty year period. Our most recent one, Rory, died just after Christmas 2010, aged sixteen. We very soon started to look around for a suitable dog for us to adopt but neither the SSPCA nor any local rescue centre had a suitable dog.  

Quite by chance we bought a local paper, advertised was a fifteen-month old border collie. We arranged to go and see him at a farm near Aberdeen and the first we saw was him bounding towards us with his father.  He was clearly basically healthy, we knew that he was not house-trained but only later did we find out that he had already been adopted and then returned as a ‘dog with problems’. We showered him with soft toys and gave him plenty of exercise on the links and beach near our Carnoustie home. His original name was Novo. He had been named after a footballer, Nacho Novo. Maybe that should have been a clue as to his activities on the farm.

Beau developed well and quickly but we discovered two problems. First, he was obsessed by footballs and if one appeared anywhere on the links he would bound off towards it and try to play with it. Second, he did not respond when recalled. It was at that stage that we contacted Jess the dog trainer. One of our friends had attended her training classes and recommended her. Beau was also easily distracted by other dogs, especially collies.


Jess visited us on a Sunday afternoon and after a period of assessment we took him out for a walk with one of her own dogs. Jess explained that we were moving too quickly with Beau. Giving him lots of toys gave him choice, which could be stressful, and although he appeared to be enjoying playing with them he may actually have found the experience overwhelming. And when he went on the links he thought he could choose his activities and come back at a time of his choosing. Jess suggested removing the toys and allowing him to play only when we were able to play with him. In that way, he would learn that play was a reward for learning the right way to do things.


We also attended a number of her classes and socialising walks at Easthaven, both of which we find very helpful. This has especially helped Beau to overcome his nervousness. When first we took him out, we realised that he had never seen car lights before, and he was frightened. He also did not understand how doors worked, and so he did have quite a steep learning curve, but we are pleased to report that by October he had become almost a model dog, knowing how to maintain eye contact and to respond to commands. Jess’s methods work very quickly as long as you keep at it and she gives confidence both to the dog and owners. 

We gradually gave him back his toys and now he plays with them normally.


Beau will be two years old in November and we reckon that by then he will be doing just about everything we want of him. He is clearly enjoying his life now, largely because he knows right from wrong and gets the appropriate rewards and lots of affection.


Incidentally, one change we made, at Jess’s suggestion, was his name – it sounds too much like ‘No’, so he was rechristened Bosie, which he adapted to immediately.


Charles and Muriel Ferrier

I think we can all agree Beau looks seriously comfortable in his new home !!

Just a note to say thank you! I was worried about getting my puppy Dexter but after your lessons and training tip's people
constantly remark how well behaved he is for a young puppy! Not a chance we won't be coming to every agility session as
Dexter is a natural! Can't wait to come to class every week...

Lot's of love and woof's!

Lucy and Dex

Hi Jess,

we just wanted to thank you for all your help with Dee, she is so much more relaxed and I am getting there!! Just to see her tail wagging in a room full of dogs is lovely. I know we still have a way to go but I am learning more with each class we attend. Thank you for all your help and advice 

Wendy & Dee

Snap a cross staffy alsation 5 months old who at times jumps around like he is wired to the moon, 5 minutes with Jess and he sits, stands, lies down with hand movements, fantasticccccccccccccccc

Ginny Lawson

Hi Jess

I want to just say thanks for the fantastic information & help you gave me with my doggies last night.  I took Brillo out this morning before going to work and it seems she has taken to me as being her leader.  She never even flinched when walking her on your lead and the over excitement has gone – amazing and worth persevering just to have a nice dog.

Princess on the other hand maybe a bit more of a challenge – we’ll see tonight when I get her out.  I put the lead on her a bit in the house this morning and she was fighting it straight away – but I will persevere with this because I know she is a good dog and it will all be well worth it in the end.

Will see you very soon.

 Thanks again! Yvonne

Hey Jess,

Riley has given me, lisa, brooke & ethan a re-invigirated love for dogs and we have grown to love him so much! Once again I am impressed & humbled by your drive towards the dogs your training and your dogs, you are one of the Trainers that unfortunatly you do not see a lot of. You are not driven by financial benefit but by the welfare of the dogs and the family's they are in. Riley has settled in great and the new kitten sleeps with him!

Again thank you for all your help

James and Lisa.

Hey Jess,

Just wanting to write a little note to say thank you for all your help with Cody, we are loving the demonstrations and I am so proud of us both, especially Cody :). You have helped us both in so many ways, you have helped me to develop my confidence and self esteem, and are also helping me to help Cody to be the best dog he can be (keeping him happy, healthy and also helping him to understand what his purpose is in life, giving him a job etc). The support you have given me too is brilliant, I feel that if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have got as far as I have. I have learned so much from you and can't thank you enough for everything, you are a brilliant teacher and a very valued friend, Friend for life.

Thank You again.

Carly and Cody


Hey Jessica

Many thanks for spending the time with myself and max today. I was very impressed with what you could show both myself and him within a very short space of time, and he hasn't stopped sniffing my hand for the liver cake!


Bobby - (his owner became terminally ill, we were asked to rehome him)

Dear Jess,

Just a short message to thank you again for rescuing Bobby. I hope he settled well last night. What an amazing set up you have there - my children absolutely loved walking the dogs with you yesterday. I don't think any of us have been on such a large scale dog walk before, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

My youngest cried all the way home, as he was so sad at leaving Bobby, but also for your other dogs that have been rescued, despite his realising that this was dog paradise and that there are few places that could replicate that. He is fine today, but hoping that he might be able to visit sometime, once Bobby is settled of course.

For myself, Bobby's future has been such a worry to me since it became obvious that my father would not be able to continue caring for him. However, it is such a relief to hand him over to someone who is so caring and experienced with dogs, whom I know will do the right thing for him in the end. At a time when myself and my family have so much else to contend with, that is a huge thing to give someone, for which we will always be grateful.

Kind regards



Hi Jess, just wanted to stay in touch and to say once again a big thank you for your sessions with Cuba last year. Our little one is 6 months now and Cuba has become the doting big brother! So many people have commented on his 'new character' and can't believe how calm he is in the house and how good he is on the lead walking next to the pram. We never stop singing your praises!! Still feeding Cuba on the natural diet and the vet was very impressed with his physique...4 kilos lighter than august last year! Only been one major disaster - Cuba crunched my mobile to pieces in December... we have to remind ourselves that there will always be the tendency for his mischievious side to come out!

Hope all well with you and the pack :o)


My son, James, has higher functioning autism and loves to teach his little whippet cross Coco lots of tricks as well as general obedience and Coco just loves to learn new tricks.

Coco had a very hard start in life and was extremely nervous (non aggressive) of everything. James attended another dog training class for just over a year but Coco's confidence was not growing and she was still timid and afraid of other dogs. The training sessions were just too harsh for Coco!

James has been with Jess for a while now training Coco and we have seen a huge change in both Coco and with James' handling of her. Coco no longer runs for the hills at the sight of another dog and her confidence has grown and is loving the training sessions, along with James. In fact we only have to say 'dog training' to her and she get very excited.

James takes his dog to dog shows and shows her. Since training with Jess she has gone from picking up 4th, 3rd and 2nd prizes to picking up mostly 1st and a trophy for Best in Show. This year we hope he and Coco do even better.

We all now have a better understanding of dogs and particularly how to get the best out of Coco.

Helen and James, and especially Coco

Here are James and Coco, showing off their confidence at our recent demo at Morrisons!


My 10 month old chihuahua has really benefited from Jess's visit and I want to thank her for her patience and perseverance with me in particular. Instead of a highly strung anxious pup I now have a calm and obedient one. Thanks so much Jess, I know you didn't think I'd do it but what you taught me has been put into practice with amazing results. Look forward to bringing Rico to your classes.

Best wishes Sandi


At a very young age my Rottweiler bitch Gem had a bad experience with a very aggressive and ill-mannered German Shepherd which left her with a fear aggression response to that breed in particular. However yesterday evening at your class we achieved something which we were unable to achieve during the 3 years of attending another dog training class - a totally relaxed and submissive Gem in the company of a German Shepherd. Now I believe anything is possible with the correct instruction and advice. Each week both mine and Gem's confidence grows as we continue to learn and the bond between us strengthens. The class is also great fun and we return home tired but enormously satisfied. Thank you Jess for making what used to seem impossible, possible.

Annette, Carnoustie