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"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human but to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." 
- Edward Hoagland 

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Jessica Probst  BSc

Email:   dundeedogtrainer@gmail.com

With over 15 years full time dog training and behaviour experience I am now offering foundation work through an initial phone consultation. 

This is an investment of £15 for half an hour and will set you up with homework before your private practical session or group class, meaning you can get the most out of your visit. Please email me in the first instance. 

Scientist, Observer, Philosopher

I have been obsessed with animals for my whole life. My intention is nothing less than better animal-human communication.

I have been previously employed by Dundee University, the Scottish Office, HM Forces and involved in dog training for the BBC, you can be assured of my professionalism, integrity and dedication at all times.

Working in Dundee's University Chemistry and Biochemistry departments for almost 8 years I developed a lasting interest in Science and Genetics. I worked toward my BSc Degree in Biology with animal behaviour, whilst working full time. I also founded a registered charity for neglected horses, re-training them to be used in therapy work. My behavioural interests spread to humans too; I study sociology and psychology and philosophy.

I have been training all sorts of animals since a child in the list of the unusual (but with the same training principles) I have also trained; rats, rabbits, chickens, sheep, parrots, cats and several wild birds. Buzz the buzzard spent many months with me mending a broken wing. It amazed me how quickly clicker training with mince tamed him!

If you have ever thought about how to get an animal, (especially a wild bird) to do something it doesn't want and yet make it enjoyable then you can appreciate how much time and dedication it takes to achieve this...


            Sophie Mackenzie BSc 

Sophie has been working for Saddle Up Ranch for over a year and as well as teaching horsemanship she has assisting in dog classes and been invaluable with the re-retraining of our foster and rescue dogs. Banjo, the standard Dachshund, had major trust issues and grumpiness towards other dogs has been a huge success for her and the two are in-separable.