Saddle Up! Ranch

Saddle Up Ranch is a registered charity which began as a place for the misunderstood, 'untrainable' horse to find respite. We love seeing change in an animal and being part of the process. 

The training that we do is literally only one piece of the puzzle. Environment, nutrition, exercise, the right 'house' mates, brain work, physical health are all involved in the holistic development of a happy animal (and human?!) 

'Mustang Fury'

An initially wild untouched horse, you wouldn't believe it if you met him now but his name gives a clue to his previous behaviour 

What started out as taking in the 'untrainable' horses has developed into a wonderful mature charity, the animals giving back ten-fold. When I have a moment to reflect on how it has evolved I am astounded. 

We have the most amazing team of volunteers that keep a tight ship; horses that have morphed from being un-handleable to now helping humans overcome their own anxiety. 

Using animals as therapy is no news to you, as a dog lover you know how much comfort we get from simply just being with them. 

These two both had phobias of their opposing species. 

This photo is truly a picture of a thousand words. The horse is called Revelation. He is the reason the charity came to be and is the most challenging horse I've ever worked with; therefore the one who has taught me the most.

The ranch currently has 15 horses, every one of them a rescue, some were abandoned and had to very literally be chased and lassoed. We have also taken in waifs and strays of different species; ferrets, rabbits, cats, sheep, chickens too.

Obviously we need funds to feed and keep these animals happy and safe, and I have never been one to ask for hand outs. The animals have a 'job' just like I talk about with your dogs. Their job is to be friendly, to stand, to tolerate human touch, to cope with loud noises and other animals. These are all trainable behaviours!

We have groups of school children, girl guides, autistic children, support workers, military veterans and all visiting us to understand leadership skills, body language and how animals think and learn.

We hold workshops at the ranch for teaching owners how to teach their dogs to be good citizens around different species and off lead work around livestock. By booking a private lesson you are also helping the animals at Saddle Up Ranch and allowing us to continue to serve the local community with our Horses as Therapy work.

Social Skills with other animals

Learning how to walk on a lead, use a long line and how to correct dogs that have learned to ignore! Also useful for young dogs to prevent ignorance of the recall. Theory and practical work.

We can also work to fix engrained behaviour issues such as stalking and chasing.

Please vist the ranch website to find out more!