~ Community Events ~

We are always looking for new venues to bring the dogs out for the public to enjoy, especially residential homes or youth centres etc. Please let me know if your community would benefit from a visit, there is no charge we just love to share our dogs with people who love them as much as we do!

Brechin Castle Centre
Easter Sunday 29th March 2016

On behalf of Saddle Up Ranch, we will be holding a fun agility stall where you can try out some new tricks with your dog, or come and watch us run about daft with our dogs! Special guest Bright the shetland pony will be there to entrain the kids and you can learn more about our horse clinics.

Wolf Dog Day !
 Saturday 1st October
2pm - 4pm
Victoria Park, Arbroath

For all the wolf lovers out there, we are looking to gather Tayside's largest wolf look-a-likes together, in a fun filled afternoon...
Open to all Northern breeds and wolf-look-a-likes
, malamutes, huskys, akitas, inuits, elkhounds, shepherds and all crosses in between!

 - meet and greet other owners with similar breeds
- training advice for breeds that can be more-trouble-than-most!
 - try out Little Red Riding Hoods agility and obstacle course
- friendly competitions including 'prettiest female, most handsome male and cutest pup'

Previous Events

Claws and Paws & Dundee Dog Trainer

invite you to our Family-Dog Gala Day

yup, her eyes are that blue!

Saturday Aug 27th 2011

Claws and Paws Kennels, Gagie Home Farm, Murroes DD4 0PR


-       Fun dog agility for beginners

-       Friendly dog competitions inc. waggiest tail and best biscuit catcher!

-       BBQ and refreshments

-       Bouncy castle and face painting for the kids!

-       Dog food, toys and accessories

-       Plus training, kenneling and dietary help and information, to keep your pet happy and healthy

all profits from the day will be presented to the Dogs Lost charity, in remembrance of Splosh a much loved golden retriever who disappeared Nov. 2008


23rd July Dundee City Centre - all day event in association with Brooksbank Centre
The sun was shining and the dogs were on top form. Very enjoyable day, special thanks to Ali for wonderful photography again!

Carly and Cody demonstrate the See-saw, (Lisa and Elisa behind) work on jump controls

Jess and Nis practice the "touch - wait"

 A mock class doing the Down-Stay in the middle of the bustling city centre, now that's Trained!

March saw our Collie Birthday party!
Coo, Skyeisla, Turbo and Bear celebrated their 2nd birthday with a colourful party, although they were more interested in chasing the ball and doing some self-absorbed agility than eating cake (more for us!)

2nd October Brooksbank Community Centre
Trick Training and class demonstration
Unveiling of the new pilot training scheme that is kicking off in Dundee... lots pictures and updates to follow

Arborath Seafest
21st & 22nd August
Although we didn't have a camera person that day, and nor did we have time for happy-snapping, we were all amazed at how well the dogs coped with the crowds and the noise - we could not hear ourselves give commands over the loudspeaker and the music, but because the dogs work with hand signals and body language, no one would have known that we (the trainers) were nervous about it. Great day out, can't wait for next year!

14th August Forfar Farmers Market


        How the World looks as a flyball ball !                      Beat the Goalie                                  Oh my Cody takes this job seriously!


                                  The Terrible Twins - only kidding ;-)             Cody pretending to be a Narwhal (or it's the 'hide' command)

''Give your Dog a Job'' demonstrations

with dogs that love their 'Job'


10th April Morrisons Supermarket, Dundee
Another great outcome, got lots of emails from the public telling how much they enjoyed watching us...
thanks to Kat Miller for her super fast photography!

    Eye candy... Handsome Turbo conentrating!

27th March Dundee City Centre (the Dragon)

Kitsune and Cailleach at only 5 months old made their first public debuts
We had such a great time, thank you to all our friends and family who came to support and help us, special thanks to Helen, Jessica, James and Coco, Carly and Cody, also Abigail and Nakota for both training and stunning photography!


Sainsburys Dog Trick Training Demo
23rd May 2009, By Claypotts, Dundee

What is it with these supermarkets, they can't get enough of us!
Once again the pack came out to show you how cool dogs really are...
we had 4 very special rescue Border Colle pups making an appearance- at only 8 weeks old and already they know some tricks!

16TH - 19TH JULY 2009

16th and 17th July - TRACKING / SEARCH AND RESCUE
2 days searching / tracking workshop. The dogs will be taught how to track and search and rescue. Other subjects will include distance control, recalls and some fun agility. Limited places!!!!!

This workshop will cover dog aggression and people aggression.

Morrisons Husky Event
December 08

I was asked to gather trained husky dogs from my classes, to 'pull' the full trolleys that had been filled by customers donating to the Salvation Army for Christmas. What great fun!

Your Dog's Got Talent Show (2008)

We searched for the smartest and cutest dog's in Tayside! (no contest really, we have them all here!)


- photo courtesy of Alan Richardson

Pets at Home Dog Training Demonstration

                                                         April 2008    Pets at Home store, Kingsway East Retail park

What a success! We had a brilliant time, and all my love and gratitude goes out to all my friends who gave up their time to show the public how much fun we have training our dogs!  Here are some photos from the day:


We love that Daisy the labradoodle is finding me fascinating!                              Louis the Skater pup !


                                  A Lhaso volunteer                                                       Flyball demonstrations                   dundee do     g 

- photos courtesy of Cat Lee-Marr

         Crufts 2008

My first time at Crufts and what a place! It's bigger than you imagine, and after 4 days there were still things we didn't get to see. I was on stage training with 'Foxy', one of Mary Ray's border collies. Mary Ray is a famous clicker trainer and brought Heelwork to music into the public domain.