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'The Dundee Dog Training approach

I believe in Scientific principles; not based on hearsay or beliefs, rather on evidence that has been tried and tested and of course reproducible. 

We are living in an exciting age, we have so much knowledge and those who wish to constantly improve have so many questions! Behaviour science is constantly being updated but we only have pieces of a very large puzzle. Genetics, early experiences, nutrition, environment are but a few factors that play a part in the development of your pet dog.

Frustration comes from lack of Knowledge

Knowledge is the foundation of Confidence

Your dog needs YOU to be 100% confident before he trusts your Leadership

These pictures were captured over about 15 minutes by a photographer who asked if they could shadow me for a 'Day in the Life' project. 

This owner didn't want to come inside to our group class because their dog presented extreme aggressive behaviours on sight of other dogs.

I didn't physically touch him in this state of mind he is already over stress threshold. I am handling him only through manipulation of the leads.

Once we achieve a lower state of emotional excitement we can move on

 Using another balanced dog & experienced handler

Owner can then step in to work with the changed state of mind 

And the next stage; busy working class environment

It's important to note that dogs don't want to act in an aggressive manner as much as you don't want him to. 

Owner state of mind has a huge effect on the dog. It can be very emotional seeing your dog behave in such a manner and so naturally we want to avoid this negative feeling. 

However avoiding such situations won't help your progression or change your dog's behaviour. Dogs (& humans) change according to their environment and it's humans who control the pet dog's environment, therefore we can change the outcome.

Finally, although it appears the dog is somehow magically cured/fixed/trained, from this point there is still a long road ahead. Much like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with humans, it takes time and effort because we have to change HABITS, which means un-training old behaviours as well as re-training new ones.

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