~ Dog Communication ~

Can you understand what your dog is telling you? Do you want an enhanced partnership & bond with your dog?

Dogs communicate in a very different way to us, after all they are a different species, the answer lies in learning mindfulness of your own body language.

They can't talk yet they have a coherent language with each other...

very different than our own...

Can you understand 'Dog' ? 
Bodies, ears, tails and eyes tell a story without sound,
 are you ready to listen with your eyes?

So much conversation going on here. What is the first thing you see/feel when you see this image? Most people would be worried over this body language, and expect a fight. These two are actually best friends! No blood has ever been drawn between them....Dogs can't use words to communicate.

Interestingly although the gray dog is underneath the white one, the gray one is usually successful in this type of situation with this dog. Looking at body language the white dog is not too sure... his eyes and head are averted (not looking directly at her) and his tongue is out, whereas she is staring directly at him with both her eyes and ears. His tail is low, and his ears are slightly apart. He is not as confident as he looks to us. She, being an expert in dog communication, knows it!  

She is the more intimidating dog in this interaction and the bone becomes hers.