~ Canine Origins ~

Spot the wolf amongst the sheep!

Biologically speaking dogs are predators - even the cute fluffy one sitting on your lap! Socialisation doesn't just mean with other dogs. In fact whatever animal you want your dog to be friendly to you need to teach him how to interact, especially from a young age and this should be continued throughout his life. 

Science tells us dogs have been evolving alongside humans for around 30,000 years. That is a very, very (very) long time, and a fact we mustn’t forget. Dogs were allowed to live alongside us in a symbiotic relationship, each species helping the other survive. We forget that dogs have evolved, been chosen, selectively, to have one of three traits; hunting, guarding and herding. 

For example, an innate behaviour in a German Shepherd is to guard. If you don’t help him to shape this behaviour, he will apply Dog rules. This means his natural behaviour to guard will extend to everyone but his family, he will become threatening and stressed out in an effort to protect and be family guardian. In the Human World where Human rules apply,  dogs have to be TRAINED to be friendly first, protective second.

Let's not forget what's under those expressive eyes, edible face*, beautiful smell...  the genetics of a predator.

As their owners and guardians we are responsible for their upbringing and education. This can only happen by learning about the Dog; how he thinks and learns.

Dogs can be very confused by the way their human treats them. For example, can we ever understand how it feels to be this small? He doesn't know how small he is, he just 'is'. They say chihauhaus are the UK's number one biter-of-humans it appears we keep being emotional about their size & letting them walk (literally) all over us.

*you know, when they are so cute you could just eat them up